West Coast School of Healing Prayer

At the West Coast School of Healing Prayer, participants learn the many intricate facets of healing and how to become instruments of healing to others.

Our presenters come from all walks of life and disciplines. Some represent the field of medicine and the behavioral sciences while other represent the Church including Priests and laity. All have extensive training in healing prayer ministry.

Ministry training includes topics such as: The Holy Spirit, His Gifts, Fruit and Power, The Four Types of Healing, Forming Prayer Teams and What is Spiritual Warfare?, just to name a few. This is a unique opportunity for both laity and clergy to learn how to bring Jesus’s love to those who are suffering and in need of physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Our School of Healing Prayer presents a specifically designed multi-part-program that includes both instruction and practicums. It is our goal to bring solid, in-depth teaching about the gifts of healing mentioned in Scripture and the ministry of healing prayer in the Church to the participants.

Our focus in every seminar and practicum is to demonstrate a model of praying for others that can be implemented in a variety of settings, either with a prayer partner or prayer teams. Settings may include a chapel, a church, a prayer center or even at home.

Hands-on Practicums Include:

  • Silent Healing Prayer
  • Breaking Unhealthy Soul Ties
  • Blessings of the Father and Mother
  • Creating prayer environments
  • Learning Prayer Minister roles on a prayer team