What is a Retreat?

Jesus said to his disciples, “Come away and rest awhile.” – Unless we take time to retreat and withdraw from the ordinary activities in our daily lives for a period of time, we will experience stress and become too tired. The result of being too tired is that we will begin to loose our way.

Along with rest, a retreat is also meant to be a personal encounter with God through prayer and reflection, either privately or in groups. A retreat can include inspirational talks, spiritual direction, healing prayer, confession, daily mass and also periods of silence and solitude. This sacred time brings renewal and rejuvenation to one’s body, mind and spirit. A retreat can also be experienced as a mini pilgrimage and a journey of sacramental grace.

The Servants and Handmaids have been providing retreat opportunities for the past 15 years in either a mountain retreat center or at sea. Our retreats include all meals, and a choice of either a private or shared room with a bath.