Getting Close to Jesus

Getting Close to Jesus


Self sacrifice: Ask Jesus what he would like for you to do for him each day. Start your day with the morning offering and the daily readings especially the Gospel. Ask yourself if you are doing what Jesus wants you to do each day. You will probably be surprised at what he asks you to do. My friend Cindy (not her real name) and her husband were walking to their hotel one evening from a game. They noticed that there was a homeless man asleep on a park bench. Now, Cindy’s husband had his favorite “army blanket” wrapped around his shoulders to protect him from the evening chill. It was a very sentimental because he had been deployed to Afghanistan several times. The blanket went with him to each assignment. All of a sudden, Cindy heard the Lord tell her to give the homeless man the blanket. How would she break it to her husband? A little argument between Cindy and Jesus resulted in her submission. Her husband reluctantly agreed after much persuasion from Cindy. The next morning when they went to settle their hotel bill, they were in awe when they found that someone had paid it for them! God id good! They took care of the homeless man and the Lord took care of this generous and obedient couple!

Commitment: Be committed to a friendship with Jesus. True friendship requires faithfulness through trials and tribulations. It involves honesty.

Keep your feelings in perspective: Sometimes you don’t feel like praying or talking to the Lord. You do it out of love because you are committed to developing your relationship. Do not base your relationship with Jesus on feelings. I remember a time when my prayer life became as dry as the dessert sand. It became a real struggle. After I complained to the Lord, he answered my whining by sending a few women from my parish to join me. We’ve been together for ten years!

Honesty: Honesty is essential in every good friendship. An example might be when you feel like you have lost your trust in the Lord. You might ask him to strengthen you in trust, Keep your relationship honest and open. Tell him everything!

Spend time together: If you expect to get to heaven, you must pray every day. Jesus stands at the door and knocks. He waits for us with open arms waiting for your knock to open the door

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