A May Rose for Mary

A May Rose for Mary


May is the month we dedicate to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

During this month, a wonderful way to honor her is by praying the Rosary daily. It is also a special time that we can seek her intersession for our spiritual, emotional and physical needs.

Do we stop to consider that she is, after all, our spiritual mother and wants to bring us and all of our intentions to her Son Jesus?
In addition to praying the rosary, we can ask Mary to guide us in reflective prayer that can help us develop better experiences of meditation.
We all know that there is a great need of peace in our troubled world today; prayer can bring about peace personally and for the world because it is our greatest weapon against the evil one that seeks to destroy our peace. For personal peace, think about starting the day with this beautiful prayer to Our Mother Mary:

O Mary, how wonderful it is to turn our first look upon you in the morning, to walk beneath your mantle during the day, to fall asleep under your gaze at night! Give us a grace-filled life so that we may walk the path of holiness and one day raise up our voices with those of the saints to praise you with your Son in paradise! Amen.

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